Keno Rules

Keno’s existence dates back to 200 B.C in the era of Hand and General Cheung Leung. With their army under blockade and becoming low on supplies, Cheung Leung started a game of chance that people could play, ignorant to the fact that their loses was supporting the army. keno was an immediate success. Initially Keno consisted of 120 characters, and chances of winning were slim. Nonetheless, Keno spread wildfire and the earnings were eventually used to built the Great Wall of China. Thanks to Chinese migrants, Keno became known around the globe. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the numbers were changed and condensed to 80, that way Keno would be more winnable.

After the internet transformation of the 1980s and online casino growth it wasn’t long before Keno was an online casino favorite. Powered by high-tech software Keno online goes faster than land casinos, so players have to be more careful with their bankroll. Online Keno is strictly a game of chance, even though players would like to think there is a strategy hidden somewhere. However, there are a few things a player can do to make them feel they have some control over their destiny while playing Keno such as using family birthdays, telephone numbers, street addresses, license plates or just a hunch.

keno rules are basically a combination of Bingo and Lottery rules. If you can imagine a Bingo board, that would be identical to a Keno board but with more numbers. Except this is where Keno rules materialize. First of all you have a choice of selecting 1-15 numbers. The payout varies depending on the amount of numbers a player picks and how many of their numbers come out. Keno is a game of chance, exciting, fast and also relaxing and easy.

Other Keno rules states that:

1. The total amount of coins bet will signify the payouts would have increased.
2. The more numbers selected the less a player will receive for minute amounts of numbers, sometimes nothing.
3. Multiple amounts of numbers selected changes the payout.

As with any game whether at an online or land casino it’s important to pay attention to the rules. Keno rules are not sophisticated, but with such a fast game it would be a pity to play and not understand them.

Casinos that offer Keno:
Spin Palace Casino, Casino King and bet365 Casino

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