Punto Banco Rules

Punto Banco is quite easy to learn, loads of fun, and a big suspenseful too. Punto means player and banco means bank. Punto Banco is comparatively similar to Baccarat, because the player that is dealt 2-3 cards closest to 9 wins. baccarat rules can easily apply to Punto Banco rules with a few twist and turns here and there. When an individual/s play online Baccarat they are usually playing Punto Banco without recognizing it. In other words, punto banco rules are much the same as the original Baccarat game only the execution and presentation shifts.

The first divergence between Punto Banco rules and Baccarat are that the house is always the banker in Punto Banco. When a gambler plays online Baccarat it can be said that “the house plays as the banker” so in this way online Baccarat is Punto Banco. Another dissimilarity between the two is that cards are regularly dealt face-up in Punto Banco, but if the individual/s play baccarat in a land casino this would not be the case. Before the game can start, the croupier, or software, shuffles eight packs of 52 cards, has them cut by one of the players and places them in the shoe. He then takes away the first card and sets aside as many cards prompted by the face value of the first card. Punto Banco rules or terms in the game are used to make three possible wagers; Punto for the wager on the player, Banco for the wager on the banker and Egalite for a tie which means that the player bets that the outcome of the bank and punter will be tied. Once the bets have been established, the dealer deals a card to the punter then to the bank. Afterwards a second card is dealt to each. The punter’s cards are put to the right of the dealer and the bank’s to the left. The dealer then decides as the bank dependent upon certain rules. A player has won if they bet on the hand with the highest number of points.

As far as most online casino players are concerned, the difference between Baccarat and Punto Banco is so minute it’s deemed immaterial. Specialist of land casino Baccarat will undoubtedly be pleased about the differences between the two. Not many casinos offer Punto Banco, one, Casino Euro is usually suggested.

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